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Mk5 Eurojet catback install.

With the original system cut for a 42 Draft Design resonator bypass it was time to move on to a full catback exhaust.

’06 Gti unscheduled maintenance.

177K miles, poor fuel economy, and rattling at start-up from the top of the engine. To get this engine back in shape it was time to tear in to the intake valves and camshaft chain tensioner to replenish some power, mileage, and piece of mind. While everything was apart, we also changed the spark plugs, … Read more

Matte green and Super mean

This was an awesome kit from VF engineering that we installed for a customer in a unique matte green 996 c4.

Track photos

Be it a road-course, the dragway, or an Autocross we have friends and customers out there running their cars to their limits.

’71 Nova Brake Upgrade

A long term rehab of making what was more a track car drive-able on the street again. Check back for updates of progress on the car.

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