The Ultimate Driving Machine.

Doesn’t your Driving Machine deserve the best? Well, at Autobahn Performance we know what it takes to keep your BMW running and performing as it was meant to. We’re enthusiasts, and isn’t it about time you had a friend in the business? Autobahn Performance is one of New England’s most respected BMW and MINI specialty auto repair and performance shops that provide an alternative to impersonal and expensive dealership service. It’s our policy to have honest, face-to-face interaction between customers and service technicians. If you’re redoing an old 2002 or focused on keeping your maintenance costs in-line on your 7 series, which just came out of warranty, rest assured, our BMW technicians are here to help.

We opened our doors almost 20 years ago and dedicated ourselves to providing the best service and value for our customers. If you have an aftermarket warranty, want to save some money on your scheduled service and repairs or simply want more power and better handling for your BMW or Mini you reached the right place.

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